The pathway towards more equitable opportunities for all inevitably goes through the promotion of inclusive green growth. In 2021, the UN continued investing in green and sustainable interventions to increase women’s and men’s capacities for sustainable livelihoods and enhance opportunities for decent job creations across the country. Many interventions under this outcome were driven also by post-COVID-19 recovery effort, targeting specific vulnerable groups.

One specific focus of activities was advancing opportunities for female entrepreneurship. Margarita Muradyan was among the UN partners who emerged as an innovator. She turned her house in Kalavan into a small rural restaurant, combining technological solutions and the concept of permaculture. With maximum exposure and use of sunlight now possible, Margarita aims to collect 85-90% of products from the area and grow her own resources in a way to reduce the damage to the nature.

© British Embassy in Yerevan
“I am proud that the UK is actively supporting Armenia’s post-conflict recovery…I am particularly pleased that this project will provide vocational training and practical support for vulnerable people, including veterans, to gain new skills. This will help enable the conflict-affected population to find and benefit from opportunities for decent, valued employment.”
John Gallagher, British Ambassador to Armenia at the opening of the Career Guidance and Professional Orientation Camp for the veterans of war